We are excited to announce a new enhancement aimed at improving your user experience by preventing imported issues opened by bots.

This update ensures that issues and pull requests (PRs) authored by bots, such as Dependabot, are ignored during the import process. These bot-generated PRs often contain long body text with low value for generating customer updates and can be a source of unnecessary notifications.

Key Benefits:

  • Relevance and Efficiency: By filtering out bot-authored PRs, you will receive more concise and valuable updates, helping you focus on important information without being overwhelmed by irrelevant details.
  • Enhanced Communication: The updates you receive will be more pertinent, leading to more effective communication between your development team and stakeholders. This can help streamline the feedback and resolution process.
  • Improved Performance: With the system avoiding the processing of long and low-value PRs, you can expect a more streamlined and efficient handling of imported PRs, ultimately reducing noise and improving overall system performance.

This update is currently implemented as a default behavior, and there are no specific configuration options available for users at this time. If you encounter any issues or unexpected behavior with this feature, please refer to our support resources for assistance.

We hope this enhancement will significantly improve your experience by providing more relevant and useful content. Thank you for your continued support!