Based on your valuable feedback, we've made significant improvements to our 'updates pending' view.

No more confusion about whether the updates page is stuck - we now clearly state that a human review is underway. This is a step-up from our last enhancement where we introduced notifications once a user update request was queued.

We've also spruced up the page to give it a sleeker aesthetic. Plus, users waiting longer than expected now have a convenient way to reach out to us directly! This is a leap from our last update, where users could only edit and approve updates. Now, with an added layer of interaction, we hope to make your waiting time more productive. 🐦

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with an exceptional user experience. As we move forward, we'll continue to refine and improve our platform, and we'd love your input. So, please keep the feedback coming! 😊 Your suggestions could just shape our next big feature!